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Adoption Facts

Recommended Books and Links

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Here are some really good books for those who want to read more information about how damaging adoption really is on both natural parents and their children.  I am also including some more links that can be helpful as well.

Recommended Books:
The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child by: Nancy Verrier
Adoption Healing: A Path to Recovery for Mothers Who Lost Children to Adoption  By: Joe Soll, CSW and Karen Wilson Buterbaugh
Adoption and Loss:  The Hidden Grief  By: Evelyn Robinson
Journey of the Adopted Self  By: Betty Jean Lifton
The Other Mother
Sacred Bond  By: Phyllis Chesle
Finding Me In A Paper Bag: Searching For Both Sides Now By: Sally Howard
Not Remembered Never Forgotten By: Robert Hafetz

There are quite a few links available dealing with the consequences of adoption.  I won't be able to put them all on this page, but I'll post as many as possible to give some idea of what is available for reading on the Internet about this topic.


I hope these links I posted will help in a person's research as well as helps to fight adoption!

The terms "birthmothers", "birthmoms" "birthparents" "birthmother" "birthmom" "birthparent""dear birthmother" "dear birthparent" are used on this page for search engine placement ONLY.  A mother is a mother not an object meant to be used as the source of a baby for adoption.