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Adoption Facts

My Son David Allen's Photo Album

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This is is a page of photos I have from when David Allen was 3 months up through the present time.  I have photos taken with David, David's father Chris and me.  I will also post photos of David alone as well as a couple with David and me.

David Allen at 3 1/2 months with his Mommy & Daddy

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Daddy feeding David 3 1/2 months

David playing with trains at the library with his "buddy" 13 months

David's Mommy and David Allen at 3 1/2 months

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Daddy looking at books with David 13 months

David with his playing with his Mommy! 13 months

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David trying to figure out how to hook the trains together! 13 months

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David playing "peek a boo" at his 1st Birthday Party 10-27-04

These are all photos of David and David with his mommy and daddy taken on different visits that have occurred from the time David was placed with the potential adopters back in January of 2004. 
I have been taking photos on every visit and I will continue to do so no matter how the potential adopters feel about it.  They had been also giving me photos monthly even between visits but since the January 2005 visit when the potential adoptress and I had problems, those photos stopped coming my way.  I was told that from now on I would just get professional photos 2 times a year.  I really doubt I would even get that so I'm using the photos I take for my own photo albums and to use in scrapbooks to give to David when he is no longer living with the adopters.

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