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Terri's Journal

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This is just a page showing that my journal is being updated on an ongoing basis.  I will not only be writing about my son, but I will also include event in my life as well. 

May 31, 2005
My half-sister Rhonda found me!  She signed my guestbook on another web site that I have put together with the help of a friend.  I was really excited when I saw that she had signed my guestbook, and I started e-mailing her right away!  Rhonda told me she has 2 girls and she sent me photos of them!  I'll be posting them here as well!  She told me that she was able to contact me because our Dad came out to visit her Memorial Day weekend and he gave her the link to my web site.  I didn't know that he had it. 
I had asked my dad repeatedly if I could have my half-sister's and half brother's information in order to be able to contact them.  He always told me that he would give it to me, but he never did.  I'm glad he finally at least gave Rhonda my web site link so that she could contact me and we can at least keep in touch through e-mail and phone calls. 
June 11, 2005
I have not been able to contact my half-sister by phone though I have left a couple of messages.  I've been a bit discouraged about that though I still have chatted with her via e-mail.  I will be going to Texas for a visit with some family and friends from July 7th through July 18th.  I'm somewhat nervous about the trip because I'm not sure what all to expect since I haven't been back to Texas in the five years since I left there even to visit.  My mom did come to visit me when David was born back in October of 2003, but due to what happened with David being forceably taken from me by CPS, my mom didn't stay here as long as she origionally planned to.  She thought I was crazy to live in Minneosta and tried to talk me into moving back to Texas which I'll never do.  She was also upset that I would even consider having brain surgery February 2004 to treat the hydrocepahlus that had been cauing me severe health problems for years though I didn't know what was causing the headaches ect until 2 years ago when my fiance Chris demanded a CT scan be done of my head.  I'm glad I had the surgery though I still have some headaches from time to time, it's not near as bad as it was before. 
I'm apprehensive about the trip to Texas though.  I hope to see my half-sister and maybe even my half-brother while I'm out there but at this point, who knows what might happen? 
I know I'll see my son David at the end of June before I go out to Texas.  I always see him the last week of every month so I know my trip to Texas won't interfer with a visit.  I'll post some fairly recent photos to the site tomorrow of David from the last three visits I had with him.
June 23, 2005
I have been applying for jobs for quite some time because I feel I need to work mainly to improve my mental/emotional health but also to be able to put money aside for my son David's college education.  I got a call from the hospital I applied for medical records clerk positions.  I have the interview in the morning (June 24, 2005) at 9:00 A.M. in the morning.  I really hope and pray I get the position.  It is part time (20 hours a week).  I would prefer working part time because I fear if I got a full time position, that could be used to keep me from visiting my son on a monthly basis even though I've been assured by others that won't happen.  I don't believe them. 
I have more recent photos of David I took in the past few months which I plan to post to this site probably tomorrow.
Saturday, October 15, 2005
Quite a bit has happened since my last post in here.  I wound up finding a job at the hospital I did volunteer work at and got hired July 7, 2005!  It took me 1 1/2 years of appling for work and going on interviews ect before I found a job and at the same time found it in an area I enjoy (the medical field).  Those who are struggling trying to find employment DON'T EVER GIVE UP!  I did volunteer work through the hospital I'm working at today and I feel that was a large reason I got hired so volunteer work can lead to a job!  In any case, it always looks good on a resume! 
I've also recently gotten recertified to teach CPR and First Aid through the Red Cross.  I haven't taught any classes yet though because they don't have any spots open for teaching at the Red Cross until January but I have been talking to my supervisor about teaching at work.  He is talking to staff to see what the interest is.  Once that is done then he will get back to me and we can talk about possible class schedules if there is an interest.
I've also gotten back into a speaking club that I was also involved in when I lived in Texas called Toastmasters.  I figure that if I do that, it will help me present classes better when I teach Red Cross CPR/First Aid type of classes.  In any case I'm hoping it will help me feel less nervous about speaking in public and be a better communicator/speaker.

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