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Adoption Facts

Letters to David Part 2

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This is a continuation of the jounal I started about my son David.  I will continue add pages to this site that are journal related as needed.

Dear David,

Your dad came to the visit to see you today for the first
time in 8 months!  I'm sorry it took me so long to
convience him to come back for a visit!  He didn't want to
get involved because of the problems me and your potental adopted mom/foster mom have had since January of this year.  I'm not
sure if those issues will ever be resolved.  It doesn't
really matter to me at this point now if they ever get
resolved or not.  I think it would be better for you if
they did but I have no control over that. 

You still love climbing on things and playing peek a boo
with me under the table where the trains are in the
libary!  I'm kind of sad though as your 2nd birthday
approaches and will take place around the next time we have
a visit because it won't be informal like your last
birthday was where we all went out to eat.  I doubt I will
EVER be allowed to do that with you again at least as long
as you are living with the Bergs. 

I still plan to take alot of photos of you next month
though because your grand mother (my mom) wants to see
photos of you.  Speaking of photos, your potential adopted mom/foster mom is supposed to
give me and your dad photos 2 times a year at a minimum and
since January we have not gotten any at all.  Also we are
supposed to still receive health updates from your doctor
and haven't for quite some time.  I don't know what to
think about this. 

Well I'm going to go for now.  I'm feeling really down and
dpressed lately as your birthday gets closer.  It's hard to
function when looking back I expected to take you home with
me from the hospital and you were just taken like that!

I Love You so Very Much!

Your TRUE Mommy!

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